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The performance advantages of the MK Phantom cannot be overstated for the advanced freestyle skater. A legendary option, thePhantom is side honed, tapered and specifically designed for triple and quadruple jumps. Taking information from world-class skaters, the MK engineers were advised to build this blade with a smaller 7 ft radius section to allow for deeper edges and easier turns. Designed for the explosive jumper, the crosshatched teeth enable jumpers to secure the ice deeply and an enlarged top toe pick is sure to aid in toe spotting.

Blade features:


Side Honed and Taper

Tapering- 38mm to 34mm- to reduce friction between the blade and the ice and allow for longer glides during spirals

Side Honed- edges curving outwards to increase the angle of blade in contact with the ice providing more grip on tighter turns but no extra friction when gliding- just like a speed skating blade


7ft Rocker


The Phantom Revelution has an 7ft rocker. It’s more sensative to turning and spinning

Straight cut toe rakes


Specialised toe picks designed for taking off at different angles and cut for percision