Heat Moulding

Making sure your ice skates are as comfy as can be, we use heat moulding techniques to help reduce the breaking in period and help custom shape the boots around areas like ankel bones or bunions.

Service Price From: Available From:
Basic Heat Mould £10.00 Basepoint & Rink Shop
Width Streching £12.00 Basepoint & Rink Shop
Bunion/Punch Out Press £15.00 Basepoint Only

‘Can I re-mould my skates?’

Yes, if you have had a period of time away from skating or your feet have changed shape/size (growing children) the boots can be re-heat moulded.

How long unitl I can use my skates after heat moulding

For most Hockey skates it is recomended that you leave the skates for 24 hours after heat moulding to fully cure. Figure skates can be used almost immediately after heat moulding- but leaving the skates for 30mins to fully cool and harden is never a bad idea.

‘Can I heat mould my Edea Skates?’

Edea skates can be custom shaped to help relive pressure spots such as ankel bones or bunions. Due to the way Edea skates are manufactured they are moulded/shaped in a different way to other skates. ALWAYS seak advice- do not attemp to heat mould on your own.

Ankle Bones

Little toes and width

Open out backs and secures foot

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