Sharpening is something all skaters should have a good understanding of. It can affect your skating experaince and proformance- but not always in a positive way. By having the wrong type of hollow or going too long inbetween sharpens, you can slow your progression down and even knock your confidence.

£10.00…….Standard Refresh sharpen

£18.00………Damaged/ Rusted Blades

£18.00……………. New Blades Sharpen

Hollow Typical Skating Level Grip
9/16″ Beginner Skaters Shallow- Runs Free with minimal grip in turns
1/2″ Hockey Skaters Medium-Runs well with good grip in turns
7/16″ Intermediate+ Figure Skaters Moderate-Good grip for jumps and spins

‘How often should I have my blades sharpend?’

The time scale to have your blades sharpened will depend on how often you are skating and what level you are skating at. Here is a estimated example of when to get your blades sharpend:

Skating Level Ice Time (Estimate) Adults Children
Festive Skating 1-2 Times a year Every 20 Skating Hours Every 20 Skating Hours
Recreational 1-2 Hours a week 4-5 Months 5-6 Months
Beginner Lessons 2-3 Hours a week Every 3 Months Every 3-4 Months
Intermediate+ Lessons Jumps and Spins 2-10 Hours a week Every 20 Skating Hours Every 20 Skating Hours
Hockey Skating 2-3 Traning Sessions and Games Every 10-20 Skating Hours Every 20 Skating Hours

‘Should I have my new blades sharpend?’

YES- Always have your blades sharpend especially if they are new. New blades are often flat, rounded or “Factory Sharpend”. In order to make sure your blades are right for you and make sure they are level and stright it is important to get the first sharpen done.

The Blade on the left is “factory sharpend”. You can see its rough and has a grainy apperance. What you cant see is that the blade is also unlevel. The blade on the right has been sharpend. It is now smooth, level and has a hollow tailored for the skater.

This is a diagram of level and unlevel blade edges. It’s very hard to see with the naked eye if your edges are level or unlevel. However using a level sharpening wheel we can help to highlight if your blades are even or uneven.

About Our Sharpening

We have two sharpening machines (One at each shop) both of them are PROSHARP


With the Prosharp machines we are easily able to offer hollows from 11/16″-1/4″.  The machines give a wonderful finish on the blades and a level, consistant hollow throughout. We can sharpen blades from standard, parabolic, sidehoned and taperd. We can typically sharpen a blade in 5-10mins so we orffer a “while you wait” service.

Avoiding blade damage and extending blade life:

To make sure you blades last as long as possible we take the upmost care. Our wonderful Prosharp machines help to reduce the typical blade damage that can be seen on some blades such as:

Ground down drag pick

Burnt metal

Flatterned or concave spin rocker

Rounded Tail

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