Parabolic Blades

Parabolic blades are standard blades with a thinner section in the middle. It is a additional feature that can be found on the following blades:

Coronation Ace

MK Professional

Pattern 99

Gold Seal

Gold Star


Ace Dance

MK Dance

Parabolic Hollow

A Parabolic blade can only have a parallel side hollow. By making a blade parabolic you “remove” the side honed and taper feature.


Parabolic blades are simply thinner in the middle. The thinner section reduces friction and allows the blade to run for longer with less effort on the ice.

Parabolic vs Tapered

There are two ways to reduce the contact between the ice and the blade. One is Parabolic and the other is found on higher level blades and is called Taper. Unlike parabolic, where the midddle is thinner, taper is thiner at the end.

Parabolic Blades Secondary Rocker Toe Level Stock
Coronation Ace 7ft Cross Intermediate Freestyle Special Order
MK Professional 7ft Cross Cut Intermediate Freestyle Special Order
Pattern 99 8ft Straight High Level Freestyle Special Order
Gold Seal 8ft Cross High Level Freestyle Special Order
Gold Star 7ft Cross High Level Freestyle Special order
Phantom 7ft Straight High Level Freestyle Special Order
Ace Dance 7ft Cross Dance Special Order
MK Dance 7ft Dance Dance Special Order

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