Parallel Blades

Your first ever pair of blades were more than likely to be parallel sided. It is found on a variety of begginner to intermediate level blades and simply means the blades thickness is the same from toe pick to tail.

Edea Rotation /Balance

Mark 4 and Mirage

Coronation Ace


Legacy 7 & 8

Pattern 99

Ace Dance

MK Dance

Parallel Hollow

Parallel sides blades have a hollow the same shape as the diagram above (on the right). The blades are easy to maintain, shapren and provide a secure grip for beginners.

Parallel Sides

Many beginner to intermediate blades are Parallel sided. They are a cost effective design to manufacture and can be an addition to a boot and blade set. They also come in a range of thickness from 3.8mm-4.2mm

Extra Features

Parabolic is additional feature that can be added onto a traditional parallel blade giving the blade a thinner section in the middle. This then helps the blade to reduce friction and therefore glide for longer.

Parallel Blades Secondary Rocker Toe Level Stock
Edea Rotation/Balance 8ft Straight Beginner In Stock
MK2/4/Mirage 8ft Straight Beginner In Stock
Legacy 7 7ft Cross Intermediate Freestyle In Stock
Coronation Ace 7ft Cross Intermediate Freestyle In Stock
Pattern 99 8ft Straight High Level Freestyle Special Order
Ace Dance 7ft Cross Dance Special Order
MK Dance 7ft Dance Dance Special Order

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