Cut Out Blades

By removing sections of metal from a traditional blade the total weight of a skaters set up is reduced and therefore creates a lighter skating experiance. The finishing product of the cut away sections is that the blades have a beautiful unique design.

Professional Lite

Ace Lite

Legacy 7 and 8


Parallel Hollow

All cut out blades have a Parallel hollow. The additional features you can find on other blades are not possible to combine with these types of blades.

Parallel Sides

Cut out blades are Parallel sided. They are easy to maintain and sharpen and come in a range of thickness from 3.8mm-3.9mm

Extra Features

Parabolic (and Taperd) features are not available on cut out designed blades. The way the blade is manufactured means its not possible to “double up” with cut out designes.

Cut out Blades Rocker Toe Level Stock
Legacy 7 7ft Cross Intermediate Freestyle In Stock
Legacy 8 8ft Cross Intermdiate Freestyle Special Order
Ace Lite 7ft Cross Intermediate Freestyle Special Order
Pro Lite 7ft Cross Intermediate Freestyle Special Order
Finesse 7ft Straight Intermediate Dance Special Order

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