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Below are some classic signs that could indicate you would benefit from having an insole consultation:

Creasing on the outside of the boots

A classic sign of over pronation.The outside has begun to crease and break down quicker than the inside

Misshapen look to the boots

Due to the skater twisiting inward when bending their knees the boot becomes twisted- creasing on the outside and bulging on the inside

Over pronation

Over Pronation is the number 1 reason skaters have discomfrot when skating. By correcting this rolling of the ankle this can reduce pain, improve skater’s technique and prolong the life of the boots.

Pain on the ankle, arch or up the shin

Pain in your feet might not be from your boots but can be caused by the foot’s position inside the boots

Even weight distribution

Insoles can help you even out the position of your ankles and give them better alignment with your knees

Low, Med, High arches

It’s important to make sure, no matter what foot type you have, you are fully connected to your boots so using the different levels of 3D insoles (or fully custom) you are getting the most from your boots.

Insole Cost Foot Types Stock
Custom Red From £60 Great for all foot types and use in skates and ski boots IN STOCK
Custom Blue Flex From £45 Great for all foot types and can be used in skates or shoes IN STOCK
3D Low From £25 For a low arch type / skates and shoes Special Order
3D Meduim From £25 For a Med arch type/ skates and shoes IN STOCK
3D High From £25 For a High arch type / skates and shoes Special Order
3D 1/2 Medium From £18 A great option for growing children 1 insoles = 2 skate sizes IN STOCK

Basic 3D comfort Insoles

From £18.00 Available in Junior S,M,L,XL and adults XS,S,M,L,XL

Custom Flex Sidas Insoles

From £45.00- Perfect for shoes. Available in XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL

Custom Support Sidas Insole

From £60.00- Perfect for ice skates and ski boots. Available in XS,S,M,L,XL and XXL