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Opening Times



IMORTANT: Due to the most recent lockdown rules we are unable to open either of our shops. HOWEVER we are open for postal orders and virtual fittings! 

All enquiries and appointments:



Basepoint Showroom

Sharpening, Heat moulding, custom Insoles, Skate Repairs, Bronze, Silver and Gold Level Ice skates, NISA Level Ice Skates and Blades. Please Bring Your Current Skates.

 Tuesday: Appointments Available 10:00-16:00
Wednesday: Appoitments Available 10:00-16:00
Saturday: Appoitments Available 11:00-16:00
Sunday: Appoitments Available 11:00-16:00

Due to the COVID restrictions we have a maximum limit of 2 family bubbles in our basepoint shop at one time. We have a total of 4 chairs only. Please limit the number of visitors accompanying the skater at this time. Thank you.

Ice Rink Shop

Sharpening, Heat moulding and recreational skates /pre-owned skates/ learn to skate 1-8 level skates Only.

If there is a que for the ice rink- even if you are NOT skating- you must que (esspecially at weekends) we share the buildings capacity and their rules must followed. Thank you for your understanding. 
Monday: 14:00-19:00 Walk-in
Thursday: 14:00-18:00 Walk-in
Saturday: 11:00-15:00 Walk-in
Sunday: 11:00-15:00 Walk-in

Due to the COVID restrictions we have a maximum limit of 3 people in our rink side shop at one time. Due to the ice rinks capacity restrictions the number of people available to enter the building at one time may also change. Please note that Everglides is not respoinsible for the ice rinks restricitions.

Where to find us!

We have two shops! One inside the ice rink at Gosport and the other is our Basepoint showroom. Please ensure you look at the correct locations opening hours.

Basepoint Showroom

Unit 35 Basepoint

Aerodrome Road





Gosport Ice Rink Shop

Planet Ice Gosport

Forest Way


PO13 0ZX


Roller Frames

Same Day Service. 45min Appointment Time. Mounting included when purchased from Everglides.Basepoint Showroom

Boot Fittings

Same Day Service. 1hr 30min Appointment Time. Beginners- Ice Rink Shop. Level 8 and above- Basepoint Showroom

Blade Sharpening

Same Day Service. 10min Appointment Time. From £10.00 Available At Both Shops

Custom Insoles

Same Day Service. 45min Appointment Time. From £45.00 Basepoint Showroom