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Coronation Ace Dance



The Coronation Dance is John Wilson’s premier dance and synchronized skating option. This blade has a shorter heel to avoid clashing during Mohawks and Choctaws and will also eliminate any unnecessary trip-ups while synchro teams perform in tight formations. The coarse cross-cut picks are widely popular and are identical to the Coronation Ace toe picks which give this blade a lot of versatility as the demands of both dance and synchronized skating continue to develop.

Blade features:


Coronation Ace Dance, Parabolic

Technology that centres your weight and reduces blade friction across the ice. Keeping you gliding for longer.

Parabolic is an additial feature to the standard Coronation Ace Dance


Cross Cut Toe Rakes


Cross cut toes rakes add more serface area and give the skater more grip for toe steps

7ft Rocker


The Coronation Ace Dance and Coronation Ace Dance Parabolic has a 7ft rocker. The Coronation Ace Dance has a shorter tail.