Just For Fun Ice Skates

graf supra

Graf Supra



  • Nylite quarter construction allows for maximum comfort and light weight boots!
  • PVC outer sole is water resistant and very easy to care for
  • Brushed Nylon linning keep the foot cool and allows it to breath
  • Attack seven 77 blade holder with non-replaceable blades
  • Recommended and suitable for a wider foot
  • Heat Mould Technology
Bauer NS

Bauer NS


  • Perfect for recreational skaters and entry level Hockey
  • Stainless Steal runer secured in TUUK light speed Pro II Holder
  • Foot bed made with EVA form for maximum comfort
  • Anaform ankel pads
  • Microfiber linning
  • Flexilbe flet tounge
  • Heat mould technology