We have two shops:

If you have been to see us before you may know that we have the two shops just round the corner from each other. To make sure we are able to help you with what you need please see below the services we are able to offer at each location:

Gosport Ice Rink Shop PO13 0ZX – Recerational and beginner levels

  • Just for fun ice skates
  • Beginner lesson skates
  • Pre-owened ice skates
  • Pre-owend Coronation Ace Blades
  • Hockey Skates
  • Hockey accssories
  • Guards and Soakers
  • Laces, Gels, lace straps, lace pullers
  • Tights and dresses
  • Skating leggings and jumpers
  • Skate Bags
  • Heat moulding
  • Blade Mounting
  • Sharpening
  • Skate Insoles (not custom)

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Basepoint Shop Unit 35 PO13 0FQ- Intermediate and higher levels

  • Bronze, Silver and Gold levels + NISA levels boot fittings
  • New Coronation Ace Blades
  • Custom insoles
  • Heat moulding
  • Sharpening
  • Guards and soakers
  • Laces, Gels, Lace straps and Lace pullers
  • Blade mounting
  • Skating leggings and jumpers (smaller range)
  • Skate Bags

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If you would like to visit us, please check our calendar before setting out to make sure the correct shop is open and ready!!

Weekends are mainly open during the daytime. We offer services like sharpening blades, boot fittings and skate accessories. Please be aware that there can be a short wait due to the volume of customers at the weekends.

If you are a higher level skater (NISA 1 and over) please book an appointment ahead of visiting at the weekend so we can ensure you will arrive at the correct shop as they have different facilities.

Business Hours

Please consult our calendar for our current opening times