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Find your prefect blades by their features

Cut Outs

Blades with cut out sections are designed to help reduce the weight of the blade and also they look amazing too!


Parabolic versions of blades are thinner in the middle. The thinner section of the blade reduces contact with the ice.


Parallel sided blades have a constant width throughout the entire blade. Usually this is common amongst the entry level blades like Coronation Ace and Pattern 99

Side Honed

Taper is like Parabolic but thinner at the back rather than the middle. Side honed give the skater more grip through tighter turns.

Cross Cut Toe

Cross cut toe picks help to provide more surface area when taking off for jumps. Giving the the skater a solid base to begin gaining confidence with bigger level jumps.


Revolution blades have a carbon fiber top that helps to make the blades lighter than their standard versions.

Find your prefect blades by your skating level

NISA 1 Level Blades

Get ready for your first pair of higher level blades! These blades have distinct features that help the skater through the next section of elements.

Double Jump Level Blades

Landing thoes double jumps? Fancy a little blade upgrade? Take a look at these blades recomended to help with the task at hand!

Tripple Jump Level Blades

Now you are working on your tripple jumps you might want to consider a different toe pick configuration.

Dance and Synchro Blades

If dance or synchro is your main passion, check out these blades! Designed with the skater in mind.

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